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November 7, 2012

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I appreciate the over 100,000 voters who chose to support me yesterday in my bid for Montgomery County Commission.  In the end we fell short.  Congratulations to my opponent for her win.  I wish the best for her and for Montgomery County during the next four years.

I would like to thank all of you who gave of your time, talent, and treasure to support my campaign.  You made the campaign possible and gave voters a choice.  Personally, I am grateful for the trust and confidence that you have placed in me.  Be assured I will continue to work diligently and make you proud of your decision to support me.

I met many wonderful people and learned much about our county during the past year.  I look forward to using that knowledge to better serve our community in my role as a Kettering City Council Member.


Ashley Webb
Kettering City Council Member




October 8, 2012

Ohio Veterans United today announced the endorsement of Ashley Webb for Montgomery County Commissioner. The announcement was made by Harry Prestanski, executive director and founding member of Ohio Veterans United, at an event at the American Legion Post 675 in Dayton.

Harry Prestanski and Ashley Webb

“Following a thorough review of the candidates’ backgrounds, experiences, and positions on issues, we believe that Ashley Webb shares our core values, including being a staunch and effective supporter of veterans,” says Prestanski. “Veterans such as Ashley Webb have a tremendous amount to offer in terms of virtuous leadership, integrity, professionalism, and service. Ohio Veterans United firmly stands behind his candidacy. Webb has shown support for a strong national defense, as well as support of active duty military and of our veterans. He understands what it means to serve his country and his community.”

Webb graduated from West Point in 1993 and served as platoon leader and company executive officer in the 82nd Airborne Division from 1993 until 1997. In 1998 he was assigned to the 1st Calvary Division and served in Bosnia from 1998-1999. He then took command of an M1A2 Tank Company at Fort Hood. After leaving active duty Webb continued his military service in the Army Reserve and was deployed to Iraq with the 3rd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division serving in Bagdad and Fallujah. Currently he serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Ohio National Guard, assigned to the Joint Force Headquarters in Columbus. Webb received numerous military awards during his 23 years in uniform, including the Bronze Star for service as a Civil Military Operations Officer in Iraq.

Webb has served his community, being elected to the Kettering City Council and has represented Kettering as a member of the Miami Valley Communications Council and the Miami Valley Military Affairs Association. He also participates in that city’s Bicycle Task Force and the Veteran’s Memorial Committee. Webb is a member of the VFW, American Legion and AMVETS as well as the Miami Valley Military Affairs Association.

Veterans’ Endorsement Event at American Legion Post 675 in Dayton.

“Our mission is to educate citizens on the need to maintain a strong national defense and to help elect qualified veterans and like-minded non-veterans to office,” says Prestanski. “We are strong advocates of legislation that fully supports our troops, military families and Veterans and we work to ensure that every military absentee ballot is counted in every election. Ohio Veterans United supports limited government, lower taxes, personal freedom with responsibility, elimination of government waste, and the responsible spending of taxpayer dollars.”

Ohio Veterans United is a voluntary unincorporated, non-profit organization, which is registered as a Political Action Committee with the state of Ohio Election Law Enforcement Commission. It is operated as a federal non-connected, multi-candidate political committee, as defined by the publication “Campaign Guide for Non-connected Committees” of the Federal Election Commission.



July 1, 2012

Dear Mr. Webb:

On behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #104, I am pleased to announce that our Montgomery County Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed your candidacy for Montgomery County Commissioner.

Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #104 has members from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Sinclair Community College Police Department, Dayton International Airport Police Department, Clayton Police Department, Vandalia Police Department, Brookville Police Department, New Lebanon Police Department, Trotwood Police Department, Centerville Police Department, and Englewood Police Department.

You are welcome to use this endorsement in your campaign for office in a positive way only.  This endorsement should not be used in a negative manner or to ridicule the opponent you are running against.  When using this endorsement, you may stipulate that this is from the Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #104.

Should you have any questions or need anything please feel free to contact me or our PAC Chairman, Craig Eaton.

Once again, congratulations.


Gerald Bemis
Montgomery County FOP #104



Ashley Webb: A Politician not in the Political Mold
Published in the Times Community Papers on August 2, 2012
by columnist William H. Wild

Voters everywhere will tell you they don’t want to put “just another politician” in office. They say they want someone who will “stand up for what’s right,” not go along just to get along, refuse to pander to special interests, and demonstrate either good knowledge of public service issues or the ability to quickly learn.

Finding such a person is tough. Then those qualities must be recognized. Finally, voters must actually mean what they say they wish for.

More than a few old-timers in Montgomery County will say, “Well, we had a guy like that. Chuck Horn. You remember him? He was a no-nonsense politician as mayor of Kettering, a county commissioner and then state senator.”

It may be recognition of such qualities in another person that leads Horn to support Ashley Webb, a current Kettering council member and candidate for Montgomery County commissioner. And just as in Horn’s time there are people who will disagree angrily because they’ve had run-ins with someone who follows the course he believes is right rather than be a pal to one and all.

Candidate Webb is taking on the Democratic machine in the county, another Horn parallel. His opponent is incumbent Deborah A. Lieberman. Webb believes that the county needs an independent voice, a longtime resident with a solid record of volunteer service and business experience. He’s a West Point graduate who served as a civil military operations officer in Iraq (awarded a Bronze Star) and is now a lieutenant colonel in the Ohio National Guard.

At a press conference formally announcing his candidacy two weeks ago, Webb said that he promises competence and character in office that will deserve the trust of all citizens. He is an outspoken advocate of strong law enforcement and is critical of the budget cuts hitting police service. That’s one reason that the Fraternal Order of Police in various jurisdictions have endorsed him emphatically.

Webb is critical of the county’s currently poor record of coping with theft and fraud in community money, but his campaign is far more strongly focused on economic development, especially growth in manufacturing jobs, once the backbone of prosperity in this area. Current jobs in this field are going begging, he said, and only training will fill them. He says that the county can lead in “changing the mindset” on economic development so that ED/GE (Economic Development/Government Equity) funds are employed to best advantage.

He notes that this area with 5% of the population lost 20% of Ohio’s jobs. A strong physical link needs to be built between downtown Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB so that both can take advantage of technical know-how and manpower.

People with computers can explore his views and background in detail on his website, www.ashleywebb.com. And they can debate, pro and con, on that site. One thing they can’t shake, however, is his conviction  that he can help Montgomery County become a great center of prosperity once more.




Mickey and Ruth Ann Morgan's Letter to the KO Times

Mickey and Ruth Ann Morgan’s Letter to the Editor as it appeared in the October 15, 2009 the Kettering-Oakwood Times



I would like to recommend Ashley Webb for Kettering City Council.  I have known Ashley and his family for several years and during this time he has proven to be an asset to our city in many different ways.  Along the way, I have seen Ashley maintain a consistent attitude of caring and concern for the best interests of families and children in our wonderful community.

I have personally been involved with the Boy Scouts of America and have served as an adult volunteer under Ashley Webb’s leadership in Cub Scout Pack 236 at Christ United Methodist Church.  I have continually been challenged by Ashley to take on a more active role in service.  He truly has a heart for developing strong leaders who can make a difference and Ashley’s personal example of selfless service has had an impact on our community.  I know, because his example has had an impact on me.  The result is that I have repositioned my heart to focus more on how I can take a more active role in the city that I call home and become a positive force in the lives of others.

Ashley’s commitment to making Kettering a better place to live is demonstrated by his record of service.  In addition to working with our youth as a Scout Leader, he served on the Kettering Board of Community Relations and as a youth ministries volunteer at his church.  At the same time, Ashley stood ready to protect our lives and liberty as a Citizen Soldier in the Ohio Army National Guard.  In fact, we started volunteering together with Cub Scouts shortly after Ashley returned from serving in Iraq in 2003.

The reason that I would like to put the spotlight on Ashley is because I know he is a man of integrity.  His concern is for doing the right thing, without regard for convenience and we can count on him to continue to strengthen our community.  This is why I urge fellow residents of Kettering to vote for Ashley Webb on November 3rd!

Karen Savage
Former Pack 236 Den Leader


I am writing in support of Ashley Webb for Kettering City Council.  As a resident of Kettering and small business owner, I am concerned about the future business development in Kettering.  Kettering needs to be aggressively pursuing small and large businesses to locate and grow in Kettering.  A business friendly community not only enhances tax revenues, but encourages new employees to relocate to our community.  Personal experience tells me there is room for improvement in this area.  In 2006,  I called about possibly moving our business from Dayton to Kettering , however I never received a return call from the city’s Economic Development Department.

Ashley is the only candidate that has significant experience running a business.  He directs the operations of a family owned Distribution Company that employs over 100 people.  While other candidates talk about their “Executive” experience, the truth is that their resumes consist primarily of staff and service roles.  Ashley is the only candidate that has demonstrated real leadership in a business environment, enabling him to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by small and large businesses alike.

Ashley is prepared to serve on City Council as a proponent of business growth.  In addition to graduating from the in the Kettering Leadership Academy in 2005, he also earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from Wright State University in 2007.  Ashley’s combination of education and experience make him the best candidate from a business perspective.  Please join me in supporting Ashley Webb for Kettering Council.

Eric Weber
CM Rubber, Inc.


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